Your First Class

Your first firearms instruction class can be stressful. First timers usually have a lot of nerves or concerns about class due to the industry gossip they hear from their friends. Range bullying runs rampant in our industry and it’s often propagated by people who have never been in combat domestically or abroad. These “instructors” are usually trying to establish themselves in the tactical community as thought leaders, but I have learned through teaching over 1000 courses, that the best way to teach is to calmly approach new students and explain what to expect.

My goal is to get you comfortable with your firearm and comfortable with the range, so that you enjoy shooting. Most of all, I want you to return and have fun. After all, it is your constitutional right to own a firearm and practice shooting.

What To Do When You Come To The Range

Know the safety rules. These are universal rules and often common sense.

1. Always treat weapons as if it is loaded.
2. Always keep your weapon pointed down range.
3. Know your target, what’s in line with your target and what’s behind your target.
4. Never let your muzzle cover anything you’re not willing to kill or destroy.
5. Always keep your finger off the trigger until your ready to shoot. Keep your trigger off the trigger guard also.
6. Always keep your weapon on safe (if it has a safety) until you’re ready to shoot.
7. Never take your weapon out of the holster behind the firing line.
8. Never load your weapon behind the firing line or any person.
9. As a spectator, always stand in the safe zone.

HOT Range
If you keep your weapon on your body (slung or holstered) it can be “hot”.

If you set your weapon down for any reason.
1. Remove magazine
2. Lock the bolt/slide to the rear
3. Ensure the weapon is clear magwell and chamber before setting it down.

Final Thoughts

Stick to these rules and you will have a fun, safe and enjoyable experience on the range. If you need a detailed description take a peek at this video: