Unlock Your Full Potential: At our firearms training center, we understand that personal growth varies for each individual. Whether you seek to enhance confidence, refine skills, prepare for an upcoming test, or embark on your firearms journey, our tailored offerings cater to your unique needs.

Dedicated to Your Success: We stand firmly committed to your success. Allow us to assist you in reaching your goals by scheduling your inaugural virtual coaching session today. Together, we'll pave the path to greatness.

Online Video Coaching gives you real time access to firearms instruction, from anywhere in the world!

Unlike an in-person class with a set curriculum, our Online Video Coaching provides you the opportunity to pick and choose the skills and instruction you want to focus on! Much like my in-person classes, your session is recorded, coached, and you are provided with your Video Diagnostics to continue to learn and practice off of. 

How it works

Training is charged $120 per hour. Training can be conducted in increments convenient to you! (EX: 3, 20 min sessions)

1-Hour Training blocks are purchased, and scheduling is done through

Video call is made and recorded via Skype


Pick a drill and let me talk you through it

Before You Make A Gun Purchase

  • Discuss your wants and needs for a firearms
  • Best fit for your hands and built
  • What to look for in a pistol
  • What to stay away from
  • Answer any firearms questions you may have

First Time Gun Owners

  • Answering your questions post gun buy
  • Safety Rules
  • Show me the mag and the gun (NO BULLETS)
  • Load, unload, and clear pistol
  • Press check to see if gun is loaded

Fundamental Drills

  • Eye Dom
  • Index
  • Stance
  • Grip 
  • Draw 
  • Gear Set-up 

Firearms Training Materials

  • No Ammo needed for Dryfire
  • Pistol or Carbine
  • If Pistol: Belt with Holster
  • If Carbine: Sling
  • Mags for: Reloads or Malfuntions 

Recording Materials

Tripod with Clamp to hold phone(or someone to hold the video)

Black Sharpie

Room to stand 6-9 feet away from phone. You will aim the phone from top of head to waist, back to muzzle