Kydex Holsters

Discover Unmatched Quality: Crafted in the USA, our Deep Concealed Holster provides a flawless fit for your firearm, meticulously constructed from premium 100% Kydex material.

Experience the timeless design of the SOB Deep Concealed Holster by Shrek, a holster that's been tried, tested, and perfected over the years. Made entirely from 100% Kydex, this holster is meticulously custom-built to fit Glocks, proudly Made in the USA.

Key Features:

🔒 Versatile Carry Options: Choose your preferred carry method - belt clip or cordage - for ultimate flexibility in how you conceal your firearm.

👝 3 Carry Options: The SOB Deep Concealed Holster offers three distinct carry options: cordage, center clip, or side clip, catering to your specific needs and preferences.

👕 Tuckable Design: Its tuckable design allows you to discreetly carry your firearm beneath your clothing, ensuring ultimate concealment.

🔧 Adjustable Fit: Easily adjust the cordage for the perfect depth inside your waistband or customize the length and placement when carrying inside a backpack or purse.

🛡️ Enclosed Barrel: The holster features a covered barrel, preventing foreign objects from entering the barrel and ensuring your firearm stays clean and safe.

🔒 Anti-Slip Tab: An anti-slip tab ensures that your holster stays securely in place, providing confidence in your concealed carry.

🎯 Molded Front Sight Channels: The holster includes molded front sight channels, protecting your firearm's front sight and preventing discomfort during wear.

😌 Comfortable Carry: Designed for comfort, this holster ensures that your concealed carry experience is as comfortable as it is discreet.

👍 Ambidextrous: Suitable for both right-handed and left-handed users, the SOB Deep Concealed Holster accommodates various preferences.

Shrek's Deep Concealed Holster traces its origins back to the OSS in WWII, a simple yet effective concept that has stood the test of time. Easily adjust the cord for depth, length, and placement, ensuring your firearm is right where you need it when the moment calls for action. Drawing and shooting are effortless, and re-holstering is a breeze.

This holster prioritizes safety, with a covered barrel and front sight post, and is expertly designed to avoid interfering with your draw. Shrek has incorporated years of experience and valuable lessons into this design, making it a trusted staple in his arsenal.

Now, you can experience the same level of confidence and comfort in your concealed carry. Upgrade to the SOB Deep Concealed Holster by Shrek and carry with the assurance of a classic design.

Please note: Always prioritize safety and follow proper firearm handling procedures when using this holster.