I sought out SOB Tactical not because I was bad at shooting. But because I thought I could become a little more efficient. The idea that I could be fixed in 3 shots seemed like a gimmick. Hell…I’ve taken how many golf lessons and I still suck at golf. Video diagnostics? Bro…if I don’t swing the golf club the exact same way every time what kind of magic is this that you’re gonna make me a better shooter in one run? Turns out – I was wrong. About it all.

Instead of telling me do this do that and wiggle here and bite my lip like this…Shrek showed me (using me in a video) what I was doing right and what I was doing wrong. Kind of hard to argue with video evidence. Also, I WAS bad at shooting. I was just better than the guys I shot with on the regular. So I walked away from the class with constructive video evidence and coaching on the points that needed coaching (there were a lot). It’s a gift that keeps on giving. No matter how much I train or how long it’s been since I took a class – I can always look back at my video and compare it to what I’m doing today and see where I need to improve. And that’s just the beginning.

I took the SOB Tactical Heavy Carbine Course later in the year. I’ve been shooting in one form or fashion since before Miami Vice was the hottest show on TV and Michael Jackson was on top of the charts. I unpacked more on the 4 hour drive home after that course than I think I’d compiled in all my years of shooting. It all makes sense. It’s not reinventing fire. SOB Tactical classes distill the facts of nature and physics down to bite size pieces in a flavor that’s hard not to love. The fundamentals of shooting are presented differently and in my opinion more effectively, than anywhere else I’ve seen. And as an added bonus – you have a video of YOU – not someone else, to go through your journey of self improvement with.

As much as we’d like to spend our time with quality coaching and oversight – doing it every time we train isn’t in the cards for everyone. So the video kind of holds you over until the next time you can get to an in person class. Which leads to perhaps my 2nd favorite part of SOB Tactical Courses – if you know something is off but can’t quite figure out what it is (ok. Maybe this is just a me problem) a quick video call will not only provide a bandaid but also a cure.

All the best!