Vertx Gear and SOB Tactical

I am always working to give SOB Tactical customers the best deals in the industry. Whether that be courses, my own gear or finding distributors that carry durable battle tested gear.

I am excited to announce that all SOB Tactical customers now have the exclusive right to 25% off all Vertx gear using code: SOBTACTICAL. All you need to do is go to their store and enter SOBTACTICAL at checkout, or visit the SOB Tactical store and click on the Vertx logo then use the CODE: SOBTACTICAL.

I personally can attest to the Vertx bags. I carry these bags to the range and travel with them frequently. Most recently I took the Vertx Large Messenger bag to Israel. It is a great piece of equipment and incredibly durable.

Check out the gear for yourself and make sure to use CODE: SOBTACTICAL at checkout.

I’ll be writing more in-depth reviews of the products in the future, I’ve beaten mine up so far and they are holding up.