SOB Nightclub and Night Vision Courses

In almost every question and answer day I get people asking for night vision recommendations. As you know night vision can be extremely expensive. The night vision courses I teach are small by intention, but also because the gear is expensive. The SOB night club, which you may have heard of, started out as weekly night hunting fun and now has evolved.

Now a days, many people want to come to either a NV course or come to the SOB night club. Most people however can’t afford the insane prices for good NV or thermal goggles. I’ll note that good NV goggles are incredibly important from a safety standpoint. Some goggles are so crappy they do not allow you to determine if the target is a deer or a propane tank (true story).

So here is a question I have for you. How much would you pay for a good pair of NV goggles? Knowing that higher cost equals higher quality parts.

Vote here:

How much would you pay for Night Vision goggles?
$1500 (low quality but works)
$2500 (better quality)
$3500 (decent pair)
$9500 (Good to great quality. Still not the best)
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