SOB Nightclub and Night Vision Courses

In almost every question and answer day I get people asking for night vision recommendations. As you know night vision can be extremely expensive. The night vision courses I teach are small by intention, but also because the gear is expensive. The SOB night club, which you may have heard of, started out as weekly night hunting fun and now has evolved.

Now a days, many people want to come to either a NV course or come to the SOB night club. Most people however can’t afford the insane prices for good NV or thermal goggles. I’ll note that good NV goggles are incredibly important from a safety standpoint. Some goggles are so crappy they do not allow you to determine if the target is a deer or a propane tank (true story).

So here is a question I have for you. How much would you pay for a good pair of NV goggles? Knowing that higher cost equals higher quality parts.

Vote here:

How much would you pay for Night Vision goggles?
$1500 (low quality but works)
$2500 (better quality)
$3500 (decent pair)
$9500 (Good to great quality. Still not the best)
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  1. Having never seen good NVG’s / thermal goggles I would want to be exposed to the different quality levels and make a more informed decision, but knowing that you usually get what you pay for, I opted for the most I could reasonably be expected to pay….

  2. Question: How is the longevity on the various NVGs? Do the elements ‘wear out’ with time or use? I’d pay more knowing that it was a longer term investment but dropping 2k on something that, as a simple civilian shooter, might use 2-3 times a year ( hunting or classes) would be an issue if the shelf life of the NVG was limited by design issues or something similar. If I could use them reliably for years, battery life aside, then I’d be more likely to invest a bit more.

  3. If the 10k NVGs are good enough for pilots then that’s a good standard. The 4 way split NVGS are 40k and are the best. If I were going to buy NVGs I’m starting with 7k and up.

  4. Current intensifier tubes are rated for at least 10,000 hours, though you are likely to get in excess of 12K hours of use. You will only get half that if you opt to with Gen II stuff. Like any optic, spend as much as you can afford.

  5. I have a AN-PVS7b helmet or harness mounted NVGs. I found the quality very functional, especially when used in combination with IR illumination indoors or out. The quality are in stark contrast to the star-bright scopes (first gen AN-PVS 2). These goggles by far exceed the visual quality of the second gen scope I have. I have no idea what they are worth on today’s market.

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