SOB Leather Holster

I’ve had the opportunity to work in multiple places where I needed to conceal my firearm. In fact, I still do! I’ve tried hundreds of different concealment holsters. I’ve tried all different styles and carry positions.

Here’s my step by step guide on how I develop an SOB Tactical product:

1: Test the fuck out of it.

That being said I would never put my name behind something that sucks. There are tons of holsters made in China and shipped to the US. Ours are not.

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Here’s how they are made:

1. Start with premium cowhide leather
2. Custom shape, condition and work the leather to the firearm
3. Stitch and seal edges
4. Fit metal steel spring clip
5. Package and inventory

It will be the most comfortable holster you ever wear. I put my name behind that.

Then they are in the store ready for sale. I’ll note that we create custom holsters for any pistol.