SOB B-Sling

The SOB B-Sling has over 10 years of combat testing and has been employed in multiple theaters including Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan. The two point system is ideal for combat applications due to it’s minimalist design and ease of use.

Compared to other sling systems this design employs Quick To Shoot Technology ™. The quick release system let’s the user shoulder the firearm as quickly as possible.

An in depth customer review of the B-sling can be found here:

Designed in 1998, the B-Sling is versatile for any rifle and is controlled by your non-firing hand. With this design, the adjustable buckle remains in the same position regardless of how loose or tight the sling is, so you’ll never have to search for it or take your eye off target.

If you’re looking to give the B-Sling a try for yourself visit The SOB Tactical Store. IT’s available in several different styles, including:

FSS (QD) B-Sling

B-Sling w/ HK Hook

B-Sling w/ Mash Hook