Reliable Body Armor Recommendations From The SOB

In these turbulent times, we understand that many of you are concerned about personal safety and the safety of your loved ones. With the recent conflict erupting in Israel, we have received a surge in emails from individuals seeking guidance on selecting reliable body armor for themselves and their families. We believe that the information we’ve gathered may be valuable to many of you as well.

Introducing Down Range Industries: Your Reliable Armor Solution

Our friends at Down Range Industries (DRI) have consistently provided reliable armor solutions at an affordable cost. We want to highlight their offerings, which include both armor plates and carriers that can give you peace of mind during uncertain times.

Why Choose Down Range Industries?

  • Quick Availability: DRI typically keeps carriers and armor in stock, ensuring you can obtain the protection you need promptly.
  • Tested and Trusted: While it may not have all the bells and whistles of some high-end brands, we’ve personally tested DRI’s armor and can vouch for its reliability. We trust it enough to use it ourselves.
  • Available to Civilians: Unlike many other providers who restrict sales to civilians or do not maintain stock for immediate purchase, DRI is open to individuals seeking protection.

DRI’s Commitment to Quality

DRI stands out by conducting rigorous testing to ensure the reliability and effectiveness of their products. They contract with NTS Chesapeake, one of the most reputable ballistic test facilities in the US. NTS Chesapeake boasts indoor ballistic ranges and non-destructive testing labs, offering comprehensive firearm and body armor testing services.

At our 2021 Member’s Event, we had the opportunity to conduct testing ourselves, and we were thoroughly impressed with the performance of DRI’s Level III, Level IIIA, and Level IV plates.

Down Range Industries

In uncertain times, having reliable protection is paramount. We believe that Down Range Industries can provide you with the peace of mind you need. Please visit their website here to explore their offerings and make an informed choice for yourself and your family’s safety.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Your safety and security are of utmost importance to us.

Stay safe and vigilant!