Introducing Fireside Chats with Shrek

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Introducing John ‘Shrek’ McPhee: Your visionary motivational Speaker for Engaging 2024 Leadership Events! Are you in search of an inspiring figure to elevate your events in 2024? Look no further! John McPhee offers a fresh perspective on navigating today’s challenges. With a proven track record of motivating and guiding diverse audiences, John’s insights into transformative ideas, adaptable strategies, and effective decision-making are unparalleled. As the demand for impactful leadership content continues to rise, John McPhee is prepared to connect with your varied audience, drawing on his real-world experience for maximum resonance. Make your 2024 event an unforgettable one — secure John McPhee as your next visionary speaker and chart a course to success!


Explore the dynamic themes presented by John, a retired army commando turned leadership speaker. Drawing from his real-world encounters, life’s teachings, and career path, John empowers individuals worldwide to embrace life positively. He advocates facing challenges head-on, embodying resilience in the face of adversity, navigating moral dilemmas in a turbulent world, embracing the present while relinquishing the past, nurturing self-belief amidst skepticism, making tough choices, rebounding from failures, and forging a path to personal growth. With personal anecdotes of triumph over turmoil, John sheds light on discerning truth amidst chaos and thriving in disorder. These are merely a glimpse of the topics he tackles, rooted in his life’s journey and validated life lessons that have shaped him into a more enriched man, sibling, parent, and spouse.