Combat Bands or Riggers Bands

What are combat bands actually?
Also known as riggers bands, combat bands are used to provide a fast and effective way of securing your gear to plate carriers, weapon stocks, slings and backpacks.

Most riggers bands are just larger versions of rubber bands. In my experience they snap just like a rubber band too. Some people accept that these will just break, but when your kit is on the line I prefer knowing that everything is secure. That was the primary reason for putting the SOB Tactical name behind our combat bands.

SOB Tactical Combat Bands are made of high temperature silicone, making them heat resistant to 600+ degrees. Great for easily securing gear to your kit, adding grip to your mags or pistol grip, preventing mag-on-mag chatter, securing your sling against the stock, & taking the wobble out of a PVS 14 mount.

Combat Bands offer a simple solution to common problems and won’t break easily. Check them out for yourself