The Sheriff of Baghdad U-Loop Sling

The Sheriff of Baghdad U-Loop Sling was created by John “Shrek” McPhee. It is designed in the United States of America using the highest quality gear. This wire loop can be added to the buttstock end of your sling to attach to a variety of firearms.


With 10 years of combat history from Bosnia to Afghanistan to Baghdad, the Sheriff of Baghdad “B”itch sling is a proven weapon sling designed with the practical shooter and combat marksmen in mind. I figured out quick as a commando that it was more important to be able to shoot quick, than be worried about tightening my rifle to my body (especially when I’m in a gunfight). With a focus on keeping the design simple, the B-Sling uses minimal materials to keep the weight and bulk down and avoids the “over-engineered” designs plaguing many weapon slings on the market. It comes with everything needed to place on your weapon with no extra parts.

Designed by a former Tier 1 operator in 1998, the B-sling has proven itself for 10 years of combat. Versatile for any rifle, it is extremely intuitive to use allowing quick adjustments with your non-firing hand using the lanyard equipped buckle (pat pending). With this design, the adjustable buckle remains in the same position regardless of how loose or tight the sling is, so you’ll never have to search for it or take your eye off the target. Simply pull the free end near the lanyard towards your body to tighten. Grab the lanyard and push rifle to firing position to loosen and shoot.

The B-sling employs “Quick to shoot” (Q2S)TM technology as this is the most important function of any rifle accessory in combat and intentionally uses as little material, buckles and stitching as possible to make it light and cost-effective.


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Sheriff of Baghdad U-Loop B-Sling with wire loop

The Sheriff of Baghdad U-Loop B-Sling. The wire loop can be added to the buttstock end of your sling to attach it to a variety of weapons.