Addressing Clark Sparrow’s Recent AAR and Defamation Of Character

All Student AARs and Factual Accounts Of Events Can Be Found Here I want to make a formal rebuttal to Clark Sparrows AAR of my vehicle class. Somehow this broke the Internet yesterday lol. So, I want to shed some light on this situation with facts. Every student from this class will be allowed to comment on this post today, … Read More

SOB Puncher Wins 2017 NRA Golden Bullseye Award For Accessory Of The Year

The SOB Puncher won the 2017 NRA Golden Bullseye Award for Accessory of the year at the NRA Annual Meetings in Georgia. This is a tremendous award and speaks volumes about our great customers. THANK YOU to all of you who have purchased and supported SOB Tactical. You can read more about all of the Golden Bullseye Winners by visiting … Read More

Top 5 Questions and Answers

I love doing Q & A with the SOB Tactical community. It’s a time for me to help spread knowledge and give back. I can only provide so much information in those sessions, due to the shear volume of questions. One word answers are often all it takes. However, I wanted to elaborate on some common and recurring themes. Hopefully … Read More

SOB Leather Holster

I’ve had the opportunity to work in multiple places where I needed to conceal my firearm. In fact, I still do! I’ve tried hundreds of different concealment holsters. I’ve tried all different styles and carry positions. Here’s my step by step guide on how I develop an SOB Tactical product: 1: Test the fuck out of it. That being said … Read More


Stop that shit. Well, that’s what inspired the new shirt. The SSD4BM shirt is an abbreviation that everyone is familiar with in some form or fashion. Whether they know it or not. Yes this is another one of those don’t ask things. If it makes sense to you, please share it or pick one up from the store and Stop … Read More

Don’t Quit

So many people ask me about how to train to get into specific areas of the military. This is both complex and simple at the same time. On one hand, yes, you need to hone a specific set of skills. You need to be physically and mentally tough. You should be able to run, jump, swim, shoot and lift at … Read More

SOB B-Sling

The SOB B-Sling has over 10 years of combat testing and has been employed in multiple theaters including Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan. The two point system is ideal for combat applications due to it’s minimalist design and ease of use. Compared to other sling systems this design employs Quick To Shoot Technology ™. The quick release system let’s the user … Read More

The SOB Puncher G10 Tool

One of the most popular items in the SOB Tactical Store is the SOB puncher. This is because it conceals well and it is not made of metal. It can be sharpened and holds up incredibly well to wear and tear. The SOB Puncher Sheath Combo includes a vertical and horizontal clip to meet individual needs.The PUNCHER was created as … Read More