Vertx Gear and SOB Tactical

I am always working to give SOB Tactical customers the best deals in the industry. Whether that be courses, my own gear or finding distributors that carry durable battle tested gear. I am excited to announce that all SOB Tactical customers now have the exclusive right to 25% off all Vertx gear using code: SOBTACTICAL. All you need to do … Read More

Thoughts About Earning Knowledge

Some of you will get this and some of you won’t… If you arm people with all the knowledge they need, they will succeed. If you limit their knowledge, you set them up to fail. While failure can teach a lesson, it has no place on the battlefield. Set each team member up for success by sharing your knowledge, and … Read More

SOB Leather Condom Holster How To Fit It To Your Gun

Did you just ordered the SOB Leather Condom Holster? Awesome! I get a lot of questions about how to break it in and get it to fit right. Remember, it is leather, over time it will break in and begin to soften. That being said, there is a great way to get it to fit to your gun better. Watch … Read More

US Elite and Salomon Forces Team For Unleash The Wolf Sua Sponte Project

Sua Sponte – “Of Our Own Accord” – is the motto of the 75th Ranger Regiment. As a ranger myself, I think this is awesome. It is also the code name for U.S. Elite’s project to partner with Salomon Forces to unleash the Urban Wolf. This limited edition XA Pro 3D Mid GTX in Wolf Grey is exclusively available at … Read More

What Is Gunfighter University?

In 2012, Gunfighter University became the official brand of John “Shrek” McPhee’s firearm training. John McPhee is a retired Special Operations Sergeant Major and Owner of S.O.B. Tactical. He has trained countless U.S. Special Operations forces and thousands of International Tier 1 Operators around the world. He is one of a handful of operators with over a decade of combat … Read More

Thoughts On Training Experience – AAR

“Thoughts on a Training Experience” On June 24th, 25th , and 26th I attended my 4th training evolution with John McPhee, a retired US Army SGM. With my beautiful fiancé, we undertook two days training the pistol, and one day the carbine. I have spent years learning the craft of firearms, and I have been fortunate to have been trained … Read More

Combat Bands or Riggers Bands

Most riggers bands are just larger versions of rubber bands. In my experience they snap just like a rubber band too. Some people accept that these will just break, but when your kit is on the line I prefer knowing that everything is secure. That was the primary reason for putting the SOB Tactical name behind our combat bands. SOB … Read More

SOB Nightclub and Night Vision Courses

In almost every question and answer day I get people asking for night vision recommendations. As you know night vision can be extremely expensive. The night vision courses I teach are small by intention, but also because the gear is expensive. The SOB night club, which you may have heard of, started out as weekly night hunting fun and now … Read More

Your First Class

Your first firearms instruction class can be stressful. First timers usually have a lot of nerves or concerns about class due to the industry gossip they hear from their friends. Range bullying runs rampant in our industry and it’s often propagated by people who have never been in combat domestically or abroad. These “instructors” are usually trying to establish themselves … Read More